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Hey! I am Ben Preiss,

a freelance webdeveloper
and product designer passionate about open source, privacy,
sustainability and web3.

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collection of my work

Development of a progressive web app for juice company kale and me. Design by curilab.

The app is meant to accompany customers during their 14 day juice cleanse.

Forms with formik, query caching with react-query and mobile-swipe compatibility with swiper.js.



Design and development for Churchill, an environmentally friendly recovery soda.

Dynamically colored background on HTML canvas element utilizing paper.js.


compare app

Design and development of a progressive web app for a client of Coordinet, an IT consultancy.

The app is meant to help customers compare 3D printers based on a vast number of criteria.

Forms with formik, query caching with react-query, mobile-swipe compatibility with swiper.js and state management with xstate.

susanne preiss


Website for Susanne Preiss. Design by Andre Baxmann.

Written in plain HTML and JavaScript utilizing a custom webpack configuration.

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